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Sonic X Part 5 - Episodes 21 - 25

Sonic X
Sonic X
Part 5 - Episodes 21 - 25

Ep 21: Fast friends
   Sam Speed returns….and challenges Sonic to a race…

   Yep, we all knew this was coming. Can’t have a Sonic series without a race episode. Generally these are my least favourite plots for sonic cartoons and this one is not different. Sam Speed challenges Sonic who even seems sick of this cliché himself, as he refuses to take part. The presidents aide contacts Eggman to get him to convince Sonic to participate, which he does…by threatening him with a kissing Robot…yeah, I’ve no idea what’s going on either.

Kissing robot

   The episode goes pretty much as you’d expect, Eggman pulls out all the stops to make Sonic lose but of course, he doesn’t. If you’ve watched any of the other series you’ve seen it all done before, and done better.
   I’d skip it.

Ep 22: Little Chao lost
    While out on a camping trip, Cheese gets swept down river. When the gang try to find her, they stumble upon a hidden Chao garden.

    This is a pretty good episode, not the best but it’s decent. It makes good use of some of the game lore by giving us a Chao garden (or Chao colony as they refer to it here).
    Of course, Eggman gets involved leading to yet another generic robot battle but that’s fine.
     One thing that’s odd about the episode is that, although it seems to be a class trip (Mr Stewart leads the group) there’s only Chris and his friends. Where are the other kids? Why are Tails,Amy and Cream allowed to come along too? It’s never really explained but hey, I guess we’ve come to expect that by now anyway.

Ep 23: Emerald Anniversary
  As an anniversary gift for his wife, Chris’ Dad buys a huge gem stone, unaware that it is a Chaos emerald. The emerald gets the attention of Sonic as well as Eggman and Rouge.

  This episode sees the gang travel to Filmdom city to meet Chris’ mum and it’s through that, that we get the best moments of this episode.
   When Eggman attacks, it starts a chase around the film studio to grab the emerald, this sets up for a bunch of funny movie parodies including Jurassic park, Star Wars and Godzilla.


   Fun as these parodies are though, they’re really the only thing going for this episode. It’s just another pointless episode with a paper thin plot. It’s also too heavy on exposition as the writers try to quickly shoe horn in the concept that the Emeralds need to be slowly introduced to each other or else they’ll cause a massive electromagnetic surge. Basically a weak plot point used to alert Rouge and Eggman to the presence of the emerald.
   While this episode has its moments, it’s yet another weak entry in the series *sigh*….how long ‘til that Sonic Adventure arc?

Ep 24: How To Catch A Hedgehog
   During a battle with one of Eggman’s robots, Sonic gets one of the robot’s microchip stuck in his ear, which causes him to begin running out of control…because that’s how microchips work.

   This episode is just bizarre. First of all, the reason why a microchip would cause Sonic’s legs to run continually is never explained, it just happens. You’d expect some half-baked explanation at the end of the episode but it just doesn’t happen. In fact the episode doesn’t really have and ending at all. Sonic meets the robot again and, while attacking it, dislodges the microchip from his ear, he stops running and….that’s it….

Creepy Sonic

   The main body of the episode is Chuck and Chris coming up with various plans to stop Sonic, I’m not sure if these plans are supposed to bring an element of humour to the episode, but if they are, it definitely doesn’t work, making for yet another episode with an almost nonexistent plot, weak action, no humour ad no reason to watch.

Ep 25: A Dastardly deed
   With only one Chaos Emerald left to find, Knuckles and Chris attempt to strike a deal with Eggman to bring the emeralds together so the group can get back home. Eggman agrees but it is a trick to steal sonic’s emeralds, nobody is surprised.

   This is the first part of a two parter making up the mid season finale of series 1, because of that, the plot’s a little slower than usual but all the better for it. Chris’ mixed feeling about sending his friends home are explored and the episode has a more peaceful tone, contemplative tone in general.
   Not a lot happens but that’s fine, it’s all building up to the events of the next episode.

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