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Book Haul 14/06/13

Book Haul 14/06/13
Was in Glasgow yesterday for shopping and jumped into HMV, as part of their continued downfall/relocation/adjustment period they're getting rid of a lot of stock and reducing it to clear. I of course gravitated toward the book racks and came away with a handful of titles with ridiculous low prices. I was like a kid in a candy store and picked up the books bellow. A lot of these were already reduced beforehand but I got six books with a total RRP of £55.95 for £2.94

 Unnovations - Charlie Brooker
This is a re-release of the book that started off Charlie Brooker's career. He started out writing a website called TV Go Home, a fake TV guide. Unnovations collects the advertisements for fake products that lined its pages.

Reality Hunger
 Reality Hunger - David Shields
This book proposes to be an investigation into the concept of the ownership of ideas and plagiarism. From my initial glances it seems to consist of short snippets of text and quotes working towards the completion of the writers thoughts. should be interesting, 

the popcorn pirates
 The popcorn pirates - Alexander McCall Smith
This is a book about an island where you can plant popcorn and grow popcorn trees....then pirates come. There was no way I wasn't picking this up.

the perfect fool
 The Perfect Fool - Stewart Lee
I consider Stewart Lee to be one of the most intelligent comedians around. His stand up is just brilliant, hillarious, smart of tightly written. I'd no idea he'd written a novel and if it's half as well written as his comedy material it should be a treat.

stone junction
 Stone Junction - Jim Dodge
No idea what this is, I pretty much bought it because there's a skeleton on the cover. It's apparently a cult classic and has a bunch of weird and wonderful characters so it should be good.

awkward situations for men
Awkward Situations For Men - Danny Wallace
Not 100% what this is, I think it's a collection of Wallace's newspaper articles but I'm not certain. It's certainly presented in a short article format so I think I'm probably right. His articles are always fun to read so this should be a good one. Jordanaan's already started it and she's been enjoying it a lot,

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