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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Episodes #31 - 35

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Episodes #31 - 35

Ep 31 – MacHopper
The characters in AoStH fall into one of two  catagories, some are good, Wes Weasley, Breezy, DA BEARS!!! and some are just…..unbearable, Dr Warpnik, Mamma Robotnik and now…..MacHopper, an aussie, kangaroo, Crocadile Dundee-a-like freedom fighter. MacHopper’s personality is….well….Austrailian….cue neverending Mates, Strewths, G’days and Barbies, as well as awful Austrailian themed catchphrises (Whompin’ Wallabies).
Such an annoying character is MacHopper that I was only able to halfwatch the episode so I can only sort of tell you the plot……MacHopper get’s brainwashed or something and sometimes goes a bit mental, when this happens Sonic and Tails have to feed him chilli to bring him back to normal (I dunno) then they drive a helicopter into a waterfall…..yeah….who cares? A boring episode for an awful character.

Best Moment: Robotnik putting up wanted posters
“Eat your heart out Hedgehog….three posters….in thirteen seconds….now that’s….what I call……..”
*has heart attack*

Ep 32 – Momma Robotnik Returns
Another episode focused on robotnik’s family as his mother breaks out of her care home again. Mamma Robotnik has clearly been taking care of the pampering facilities at the home as she returns to our screens without her moustache a change which improves her character  design quite a bit.
She kicks Robotnik out and hatches a scheme to kidnap Sonic by posing as another woman and adopting him. A pretty original story concept and one that could be quite good, however the episode never really reaches its full potential, being relatively free of action and with no jokes to counter balance. A pretty slow episode.

Best Moment: Seeing Robotnik without his moustache, something I never want to see again however. 

Ep 33 – Spaceman Sonic
Sonic, Tails, Scratch and Grounder get stuck on an abandoned space station after Sonic stops Robotnik’s plans of mining an asteroid belt. This is another episode that’s pretty good but one that doesn’t have a lot to talk about. It takes a little too long to get Sonic onto the space station so there’s not much time for plot when he’s up there. They fight an alien with a cold who trying to eat them and have to try and find escape pods to escape but the whole episode seems to go by without much ever really happening.

Best Moment: Robotnik at his most merciless, destroying the last escape pod on the space station to strand Sonic and then destroying both Scratch and Grounder, leaving them all trapped in space.

Ep 34 – Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior
Yep you guessed it, it’s the triumphant return of DA BEARS!!!! And about time too. This is an awesome episode, its just got it all, interrogations, biker toads, Sonic vs the Black Knight, a truck that transforms into a robot dragon and of course DA BEARS!!!
It’s also another great vanity plot from Robotnikas he enslaves a village and gets them to carve his face into a mountain. Gotta love that.
While the title is a little odd, Mad Mike doesn’t actually do much more than any other character this is just a great episode, great jokes, great action…..and of course…..DA BEARS!!!!

Best Moment: Sonic foiling Robotnik’s plan by freeing the slaves and re-carving the mountain into the faces of DA BEARS!!!!

Ep 35 – The Last Resort
Robotnik retires to take care of his mother (definitely not a trick) and a bored Sonic accepts an invitation for an adventure holiday on The Last Resort island.
Another good episode with a good balance of action and jokes. The episode is a series of extreme sport events  put on by The Last Resort which are all of course traps by Robotnik. 
There are also a bunch of cameos of background characters from the first few episodes, albeit with a couple of palette swaps. There’s  also a supporting role from Mamma Robotnik.

Best Moment: Sonic and Tails sitting down to a refreshing cup of Lapsang Souchong with Robotnik and Mamma Robotnik

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